Lecture - Wimbledon May 24th 2002

Annie, Yiannis, Ulla, Bob, Sunja and Elaine.

And on centre court at Wimbledon.......

Friday 24th May 2002, the day of the talk in London…total panic, the books for the book signing hadn’t arrived. The ones Elaine sent were held up in Customs and the replacements hadn’t come either…we’d have to leave without them. We were ready to leave and MM appeared looking so elegant in a white linen shirt and long green skirt wearing gorgeous silver earrings and looking just…well, glowing. Five minutes to go and the books arrived, phew….new postlady who didn’t know the route, and it was her first day at work.

Crisis averted and off we went.

Rachel introduced Elaine to the assembled audience, without any notes (sorry Rachel!!!) and I still can’t believe that she was nervous at all. (come on Rachel…you were SO cool!) She told her story about how she found the book and not only didn’t believe the diet could work but got angry with Elaine for writing it!!…and how she eventually tried it…the rest is history!

MM told Judy’s story, how Herb encouraged her study, why the book was written and gave a wonderful talk on food, the gut, the gut brain connection, gut bacteria, probiotics and lots, lots more.

Then the questions…why give up bread? Isn’t it the staff of life? (how many times have we heard that?) what on earth can you eat? What’s wrong with sugar?

Will it help Hirschsprung’s Disease? There were several people suffering from schizophrenia in the audience and a delightful man who taxed MM with questions like what schizophrenic sausage to eat, what schizophrenic cheese, what’s a schizophrenic breakfast....we all roared but he took it in good faith and was beginning to look as though he could rival MM in the star quality stakes!

The lecture ended to a standing ovation and, the book signing over, we rolled back to sleepy Suffolk.