The reason we ask you to share your case history is simple. It may be that someone simply wants to know what's likely to happen next. You never know, we may even find we all have something in common. Ever seen Lorenzo's Oil?

Zoe Allen : Age 3 1/2 : UC nearly 3 years : SCD 1 year
After coming from mum's milk, Zoe had her first flare at 12 months....More
Medication: Azathioprine, Sulfasalazine and Prednisolone
SCD results : By the book. All 100% legal for 12 months. Cannot take almond flour, but fish, yoghurt and home made burgers a staple! Loves her food, and doesn't seem to resent not having a Macdonalds!
Annie :
I first came across "Breaking the vicious cycle" nearly 5 years ago. I have always been interested in the nutritional aspect of health and had trawled through many "health" books and avidly read what was on offer in the press....More
Bob Ellis :
I'm telling of my journey over 15 years with Ulcerative Colitis and hopefully some lessons can be learned from the mistakes that I made along the way....More