One of the most frustrating thing about living with a disorder like ours is finding suppliers, retailers and equipment manufacturers to help, isn't it?

This part of the site is here to help you track down all those bits to make your life easier. Yoghurt makers, almond flour, extra matured cheeses, anything to make an SCD'ers life that little bit easier. If you find something we might find useful, please let us know by mailing us from here!

UK Support Group
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Dry Curd Cottage Cheese :
Please note that we are not able to purchase this in the UK. Our equivalent is to make the SCD yoghurt and then drain it for approx 6-8 hours and you will be left with a kind of cheese.

Probiotics :
Some SCDers find probiotics beneficial but nutritionists' opinions (including Elaine Gottschall) vary as to the strains of bacteria desirable or whether small amounts of strictly SCD-illegal added ingredients are permissable. There is no known SCD-legal probiotic manufactured in the UK (July 09). SCD illegals include starches and sugars such as FOS, maltodextrin, inulin, potato starch, brown rice flour.

However, the following have been reported by UK SCDers (adults and children) as having good results:

Lactobacillus Sporogenes from Thorne Research (available from the Vitamin Service tel 0800 652 7855). Refrigeration not necessary.

The 5-strain CP1 'adult' formula* from Custom Probiotics, also their acidophilus.

Udo's Choice Super 8 probiotics - (Custom Probiotics and Udo's Choice available in the UK from The Vitamin Service tel 0800 652 7855).

Nature's Biotics* -Refrigeration not necessary. Available in the UK from Kiki Ltd tel 08450601060

Lactobacillus Acidophilus (Single Strain) from Kirkman Laboratories available from

LYO-SAN Acidophilus Capsules - order direct

*recommended by Dr Campbell-McBride and Jean Muscroft, UK nutritionists using SCD

Devon Rose for bacon as it should be: sugar AND nitrate-free. Also, 100% meat sausages made to order. Friendly, helpful service. Wide variety of free-range, organic and natural meat and poultry. Nationwide delivery.

We have for sometime run a specific line of SCD sausages, the details of 16 SCD specific items can be seen here We also offer a bespoke service and will make sausages to clients own recipes.

Information supplied by Susan

Well Hung Meat
The Well Hung Meat Co does 2 different types of sausage which are pure meat with no nasties.
The English breakfast sausage is an organic pure pork sauasage with just a sprinkling of herbs and salt & pepper (no rusk, wheat, gluten, fillers, binding agents, additives etc etc).
The Well Hung Sausage is a coarse cut casseroling sausage made with organic pork and garlic (that's all!).
They also do lamb and beef burgers with no extras (just the finest organic meat, onion with the beef and rosemary with the lamb.)

Orders can be made online at or by calling 0845 230 3131

Kitchen utensils:
Lakeland Plastics.
Great for the do-it-yourself yoghurt makers
015394 88100

HBS Foods Limited
Unit 6, Washington Centre
Halesowen Road
W. Midlands

Supplying various nut flours and dried fruits for specific carbohydrate diets. Due to the growing demand for smaller pack sizes below shop prices we have increased our smaller packing lines and we have introduced a online shop dedicated to smaller pack sizes to for fill the publics requirements.
The online store has been a major success with people requiring food ingredients for specific carbohydrate diets and due to this fully automated online system, product searches, product information and payments are all very simple. Delivery charges are all inclusive in the final price and in most cases deliveries are made within 24 hrs of the order been placed.
As the web site online store grows we are constantly looking for ideas and suggestions for improvements. SCDUK has always promoted our business via your own web site and we would like to thank you for that. Any suggestions for the future please let us know.

Tel.  01384 457705
Lucy Rosset's online shop for everything SCD. You can order Yogourmet Yoghurt Makers, yoghurt starter, high quality acidophilus, an excellent SCD cookbook, written by Lucy and much more.

Tel.  360-647-2279

The Flour Bin
Suppliers of nut flour
01246 850124

The heating pad I have discovered for yogurt making is the type used for home brewing. I did this because the commercial yogurt maker and slow-cookers that I tried made the yogurt too hot.
I guess this pad is the sort of thing that Elaine describes in BTVC. It is flat, made of plastic and fairly lightweight so is handy to store. I contacted the company that makes the pad as I wasn't sure whether it would be hot enough since the temperature for brewing wine/beer is quite a bit lower than that required for the BTVC yogurt. Peter Cottrell, the manager, was most helpful and suggested fitting an adjustable thermostat. This means I can vary the temperature according to the container I'm using and the quantity of the yogurt. I still use a thermometer to actually read the temperature of the yogurt but the heating pad is amazingly reliable. Once I have stablilized the temperature I can leave it for 24 hours.


Adrian Cottrell
Peco Services Ltd
Unit 3a Crosscroft Ind Est
CA16 6HX
Tel: 017683 51333
Fax: 017683 54111

Information supplied by Susan.

Eastbrook Farm Organic Meat operate a nationwide home delivery service. Amongst their many delicious products, including plain chicken mince, they do chickenburgers, lambburgers and beefburgers with NOTHING added. They will also make you a batch of meat-only sausages on request - they cook well and taste lovely. Contact Debbie at Eastbrook Farm for more information. Why not buy in bulk to minimise the delivery charge and stock up your freezer?

Could we suggest that folk also ask for other products, like ham, bacon, gammon that aren't cured using sugar and have nothing else 'illegal' added? I know it is possible to get cured pork products that don't have sugar but haven't seeen anything organic yet. If there's enough demand, Eastbrook Farm might consider doing it.

Eastbrook Farm Organic Meat
The Calf House
Cues Lane
tel 01793 790460

Information supplied by Susan.

Grove Fresh. The Organic Juice Co. Grove Fresh Ltd is a dedicated Organic company, committed to the principles of the Organic movement and to providing the highest quality Organic Juices made from 100% pure, certified Organic, fruits and vegetables.



If you find somewhere to eat when you are out and about that's SCD friendly, please let us know and we'll put the details up for everyone.


SCD friendly doctors:

Dr. N. Campbell-McBride, MD. Cambridge Tel: 01353 723234.

Dr. Sarah Myhill, Knighton, Powys
Tel: 01547 550 331

Jean Muscroft,

As you can see the list is very short. If you know of any SCD friendly doctors, please let us have their details (please get their permission first).