SCDers came from Belgium, England, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Scotland, USA, all 18 guests from 8 different countries. Did this faze our hosts Liz and Dave..not one bit! and drink came out of the kitchen as if by magic..and are own little yoghurt faerie, Zoe (3) hadn't arrived yet.

By 1-00pm everyone had gathered and small groups of people chatted happily as if they were life long friends..a Celtic smokers group assembled in the sunny garden and were serenaded by an impromptu version of "Mr Ed" from Dave's stable door.

Rachel had kindly sent a tape of Elaine's interviews and we watched the famous authoress whilst tucking into our feast. Chicken Kebabs, Pizza Casserole, Caribbean Chicken, Green Beans and Hazelnut and lemon butter, Annie's Worms, Sue's Crackers..then..Peanut Butter Cake, Cinnamon Coffee Cake, Apple Crumble. I know I've missed loads but you get the idea..and the occasional glass of dry white to compliment.

Zoe joined Liz to bang out tunes on the piano, as plans for Elaine's visit were discussed and finalised and the realisation dawned, that we may only have one more meeting before she arrives....Woo! Hoo!

As people started to drift away in a flurry of hugs and best wishes we look forward to a possible permanent meeting place in Birmingham...but what a great day..thanks Liz and Dave!

The above was beautifully crafted by Bob. (Thanks Bob)

PS Quite a few of the recipes above can be found in Lucy's Cookbook or on

Apologies everyone for the quality of the photos. Not a good day for the camera to decide to shuffle off this mortal coil.....(Monty Python 19......)

Well what can we say.....apart from has anyone else experienced the complexion problems that Annie and Bob have?
From left to right - Ulla (from Finland, currently studying in Cardiff) Liz, Yvonne, Wilfried (Marcia's hubby), Bev, Marcia (who arrived from Belgium - originally from the US), Benita, Annie (the axe), Bob, Sunje (from Germany - currently residing in London), Stuart (Bev's other half), Dave and in the front, Tim, Josie and Zoe.
Unfortunately, Lauren (originally from New Zealand) had left before the photos were taken (sorry Lauren, do you have a piccy you could send us?).
And Liz (Dave's wife), we don't have you on any photos. Go on Dave send us a piccy!
zoe and ulla Zoe with new found friend Ulla.
Ohhhh Annie, pleeeeze.
Couldn't even wait until your coat was off!!
group Mmmmmmm - looks like some very serious discussion going on between Benita (back view), Sunje, Dave and Bob....
....and more from Ulla, Wilfried, Sunje
and Marcia in the background.
crumbs! Oh crumbs!

Damn....too late with the camera.

Judging by the amount of bottles (and that was only a few of them) on the table, it looks like we stumbled across an Alc's Anon meeting!

Yup, we were right....
but please don't worry we'll
do all we can to help them.

Now repeat after me guys...
"My name's Bob and I........."

bob and dave
stuart And as for Stuart, well what can we say.....
beyond all help. (We love you Stuart!)