The Visit and Meeting
May 2002


1.Yvonne 2.Josie 3.Zoe 4.Josh (from Canada) 5.Elaine 6.Annie (The Axe) 7.Marcia (from Belgium) 8.Sunje (Germany) 9.Melanie 10.Wilfried (Marcia's husband) 11.Christine 12.Harry & 13.Marilyn (New Orleans) 14.Ulla (Finland) 15.Jacqueline (Switzerland) 16.Tan (Melanie's partner) 17.Bob 18.Janice (Josh's mum from Canada) 19.Ciemon 20.Liz 21.John (Yvonne's husband)
Bev, Stuart, Tim and Rachel are not on this group photo but are elsewhere in the photo gallery.